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The origination of Dynacom Sales was in June of 1996.  With the benefit of the exploding growth factor from the technology sector in the 90’s, we were able to pursue and acquire various complementary product lines.

Dynacom Sales’ objective is to seek long-term relationships with selected manufacturers within the telecommunication industry.  We take on the manufacturer’s perspective by understanding their sales goals, concerns and objectives.  We believe that by establishing relationships at the ground level with consultants, engineers and integrators, we can better position ourselves to promote use of our manufacturer’s products.  The end result is that our products are approved, specified and purchased through selective distribution.  As a direct link from the factory to the customer, it is our intent to “keep it simple” by maintaining factory direct shipping.  By doing this, we are utilizing the quality of packaging, service and delivery that are the trademark of each manufacturer.

We feel like as technology evolves, we must keep pace in how we go to market.  Therefore, we service the state of Florida through not only the traditional Voice & Data Contractors, but Security and Electrical as well.  With the emergence of Division 17, we are seeing an influx of Electrical Contractors starting their own Telecommunication Divisions.  This gives us a distinct advantage of offering Telcom, Security, and Electrical solutions to the many distributors and contractors who service both markets.
Dynacom Sales was involved with the Verizon One Fiber 5G deployment nationwide with Martin Enterprises way before they were acquired by Old Castle.  This enabled us to have the foresight of the SM Glass shortage in the U.S. as far back as 2017.  We were fortunate enough to sign contract agreements with a couple of global fiberoptic manufacturers and partner with master providers of OSP products in the U.S.  This strategy has helped us offer better lead times for our distribution channels and helps ease the burden of the supply chain crisis.  As the industry changes Dynacom Sales believes their vision of the future should change as well.


“Communication and Data Products

 for Today and Beyond”

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            Dynacom Sales strives to be recognized as a professional, dedicated and ethical manufacturer’s representative, providing for a cost effective means of bringing quality telecommunications, security, and electrical products and associated services to our chosen markets.

            We are committed to:

  • Providing our valued customers with the highest quality products, customer service and support available to make it easy, profitable and desirable to do business with us.

  • Providing our valued manufacturer partners with superior sales efforts, conscientious follow-up and quality market intelligence.

  • Providing ourselves with a challenging and rewarding work environment that fosters professional growth and personal satisfaction.



 “Communication and Data Products

for Today and Beyond”



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