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U.S. Manufacturer of Tier15, Tier 22 & Greenbelt Underground Splice Enclosures, ISO 9001: 2015 and TL9000: 2016, including AT&T, Centurylink, Verizon One Fiber, and DOT approved Hand Holes and Vaults

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USA provider of TAA Compliant Fiber Optic Manufacturers that meet the ITU-T G652D Specification featuring GR-20 Core Compliant Glass that exceeds all North American Standards offering OSP SM SJNA, SJSA, ADSS, OPGW, and Microduct Air Blown Fiber Constructions

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 (SDR 13.5 & SDR 11 HDPE Smoothwall Innerduct) - Telecom & Electrical Markets

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(SCH 40 & 80 PVC Conduit/Split Duct/Bore-Gard)

Telecom Market

Hitachi.jpg   U.S. Manufacturer of High Performance UL Listed Copper and Fiber Optic (Corning, glass) communication cable designed for contractor and OEM applications, offering an Open System Architecture Lifetime Warranty on all certified installations

TAA Compliant - Structured Cabling Connectivity, Cable Management & Active Equipment Network Solutions, including Media Converters, Ethernet Switches, and POE Switches

A global TAA compliant North American manufacturer of racks, cabinets, PDUs, cable management and accessories for the communications market featuring the most advantageous freight allowed policy in the industry of only $750.00

Netsource Logo 1.png  U.S. Manufacturer of Pre-terminated Copper & Fiber (Corning CAH Gold). Custom Cable and Backbone Trunk Assemblies tested to exceed industry performance standards

U.S. Manufacturer of UL Listed Thermostat, Security, Tracer, Audio and Fire Alarm Cable

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(HDPE, Riser & Plenum Corrugated Innerduct)

Telecom, Electrical & Security Markets

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