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Meets BABA (Build America, Buy America) Compliance (Alvarado, TX). Tier 22 Polymer Concrete Handholes that have been approved with Deflection & Burn Test Certifications.

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Meets BABA (Build America, Buy America) Compliance. Offers Light Duty/Greenbelt/Pedestrian rated HDPE Enclosures manufactured in six (6) factories across the U.S. for the Broadband/Telecom/Electrical Markets.


Meets BABA (Build America, Buy America) Compliance (Bates City, MO) and SDR13.5 & SDR11 HDPE Innerduct Constructions that meet or exceed ASTM D-3350 Requirements and Cell Classification PE435540A.

Agave Wire.png

Mets BABA (Build America, Buy America) Compliance (Rockwell, Texas). UL & CSA approved, ISO9001 Certified & ROHS Compliant Bore Tough Tracer Wire with solid copper, copper clad steel, and stainless steel options with PE or PUC insulation selections in standard packaging: 500, 1,000 & 2,500 ft. put-ups (custom sizes available upon request).

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Broadband FTTH Last Mile Solution, including Fiber Optic Pedestals, NID & NEMA Enclosures, MDU Products, Flat Drop Fiber, Optitap & MST’s, Splice Closures, Pole Line Hardare, Pre-Terminated LIU’s & Assemblies, OSP Fiber, U.S. made Tier 22 Handholes & TLC Premise Fiber with Corning Glass.


Meets TAA, WTO and GPA Compliance (South Korea), RUS Compliant, GR-20 Core Compliant Glass including OSP SM, SJNA & SJSA, Loose Tube, ADSS, Figure 8 and Microduct Air Blown Fiber Constructions that exceeds all North American Standards.

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Meets TAA, WTO and GPA Compliance (Japan), new technology e-ribbon (rollable ribbon) fiber constructions for high density optical cable applications consisting of bend sensitive and gel free designs from 144F up to 864F Count with GR-20 Core Compliant Shin-Etsu Glass.  Showa features G657A1 EMF Technology which achieves extremely low attenuation when splicing into existing G652D Network.

Sanbor Logo.png 

An ISO9001:2015 & ISO45001:2018 Certified Manufacturer of HDPE Single and Multi-Cell Microduct (2 way through 12 way).

Meets TAA, WTO and GPA Compliance - Passive Components including Structured Cabling Connectivity and Cable Management & Active Equipment Network Solutions, including Media Converters, managed & unmanaged Ethernet Switches, POE Switches, and SFP GBIC Modules.  CAT6A, CAT6, CAT5E, UTP, FTP & Fiber Patch Cords, Pre-Terminated Trunk & Telco Cable Assemblies


Meets TAA, WTO and GPA Compliance - North American manufacturer of UL Listed racks, cabinets, PDUs, cable management and accessories for the communications market featuring the most advantageous freight allowed policy in the industry of only $750.00

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